Why did money launderers visit the White House?

Was there a second FISA warrant? If so, did it surveil Republican Party infrastructure?

An odd little indictment has floated into Christmas season. It looks like it might blow up into something bigger. It’s hard to know what to make of it, because this indictment seems to lead in exactly opposite directions.

This indictment nails Department of Justice official George Higginbotham for helping launder tens of millions of dollars while working for the DOJ. He pleaded guilty. He was DOJ liason to Congress, whatever that is. Wait for it, we were told by ABC News. We will soon learn more.

I couldn’t wait. Is George, this now ex-DOJ person, connected to the more than two dozen DOJ and FBI officials who have bit the dust recently? (List at end of this report)

Is George some sort of deep state Trump-framer, found and punished for his duplicity? Or does George hold the keys to Republican National Party financial corruption? Well this is what I found out (before official and credible news sources told me their version of more):

I noticed that only one reporter covered the the indictment, a fellow named Michael Levine. What does Mike Levine cover? I looked it up. Levine does mostly political stories and seems to specialize in leaks from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

I checked the White House visitor logs and learned that George liked to visit the White House while Obama was in office.

I checked the charging document at Pacer.gov, where a repository of federal case filings are available. At first, only bare-bones details for the money laundering scheme were revealed.

Here’s what George did: He wrote a letter to a financial institution to mislead the bank into believing that several large transfers were legit while knowing they were a money laundering scheme. Such a letter, from a person at the U.S. Department of Justice, would be compelling and might keep the bank from checking out the transfers carefully. In banking, anti-money-laundering rules require bankers to “know your customer” and flag to authorities any suspicious transfers. But then again, George WAS one of the authorities, or at least, sort of seemed like an authority.

The indictment was coy. Transactions on each side of George, who was in the middle, were from persons listed only as “Individual 1” and “Individual 2”.

Soon, as promised, Mainstream Media, or rather Mike Levine, filled us in on the names on each side of the transaction. One side was what casinos would call a “whale.” His name is Jho Low and he is currently on the lam, hiding from the law. He is a Malaysian accused of helping orchestrate the theft of $4.5 billion from a government-backed investment fund called 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

The U.S. had started investigating 1MDB for embezzlement and fraud. Our Malaysian whale, Jho Low, wanted to influence someone powerful to get rid of the U.S. investigation. According to the MSM, he did this by approaching, through an intermediary, a Republican powerhitter investor named Elliott Broidy. The laundering scheme alleges that Broidy, then RNC finance chairman and a big Trump supporter, agreed to use his influence. But Broidy wanted to insulate himself from direct lobbying for a foreign government entity, so he enlisted the help of a rapper named Pras Michel, who set up bank accounts to move millions in secret lobbying money around with the help of our friend George the DOJ man.

Does the name Broidy sound familiar? Yes, it should. His name was blurted out in court in the raid of Trump fixer Michael Cohen. At the insistence of reporters from our trusty MSM, the judge broke from normal tradition and authorized release of Broidy’s name. Cohen had acted as a fixer for Broidy, arranging a payment to cover up a love child between Broidy and an alleged mistress. He was a long-time Republican fundraiser and a high ranking Republican National Committee official.

So now we have the fixer, Michael Cohen, who is cooperating with the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, in a plea deal on other stuff. We have Broidy, a former client of Cohen’s. And we have money laundering for a crook affiliated with the Malaysian government. Sounds juicy and I think you can guess where this may be heading.

However, when I pulled the updated criminal filing, I did find quite a few things the official and credible media did not mention. When I read an indictment I like to start with the proper nouns. Names of persons and entities. I also like to make a timeline. Every time they give me a date, I put it in sequence. Proper names in a forfeiture attachment to the George Higginbotham plea agreement include a Haitian rapper named Prakazrel Michel, known as “Pras.”

I checked to see whether Pras and the Malaysian Jho also liked to visit the White House and learned that our rapper/alleged-launderer Pras visited many times, and even got one-on-one meetings with President Obama. Pras visited “POTUS/FLOTUS” and sometimes just POTUS, sometimes in the family quarters and sometimes as the only guest. Another guest of “POTUS/FLOTUS” was the whale himself, Jho Low. He attended some sort of party along with about 200 guests.

I found an item marked “research report” from Wikileaks’ John Podesta e-mails which reveals that George Soros had concern about the Malaysian outfit which he wanted to bring up in a meeting with Hillary’s people. The concern was about Obama’s apparently chummy relations with then-Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, who was ultimately in charge of 1MDB, and was allegedly the ultimate recipient of billions in pilfered funds. Soros was concerned that Razak could be a liability. Razak has now been thrown out of office, but while in office, the public audit of 1MDB so stressed him out that he declared the audit to be a “state secret.”

So the following was not reported by official and credible media: Obama was chummy with the Malaysian at the top of 1MDB. Rapper Pras Michel was chummy with Obama. Big boy Jho and Pras may have come to know each other because Jho was involved in the music and entertainment business. And they both visited Obama.

Information about the timeline: Pras visited the White House in July 2016, just as the Trump investigations were becoming official (and just as Trump became the official candidate). Shortly thereafter, Pras the Rapper decided to seek out Trump supporter and Michael Cohen client Broidy, and the money laundered influence peddling scheme began.

Apparently all this peddling and laundering turned out to be for nothing. They tried to influence an official who they believed would be nominated by Trump for an office that had power over the 1MDB case. But it turns out their target never got nominated; During the Trump administration, the investigation proceeded to indict what is now five Malaysians (all of whom are on the run) and three Americans, including two executives from Goldman Sachs.

Pras the rapper has not been indicted but at least some of his accounts have been confiscated through forfeiture. The documents describe that Pras played a direct and extensive role in moving the money around, in fact, a more crucial role that George from the DOJ.

Our big money Malaysian fellow, Jho, has not been apprehended as of this writing but they have confiscated and sold his yacht, reportedly for over $100 million.

George Higginbotham has pleaded guilty. The other two Americans (Tim Leissner and Roger Ng), both affiliated with Goldman Sachs, have been apprehended.

The five Malaysians are all in the wind. Their names: Low Taek Jho, Jasmine Ai Swan Loo, Casey Keng Chee Tang,
Eric Tan Kim Loong, and Geh Choh Heng.

I expect by the time this report is published, Trump fixer Michael Cohen’s charging memo will be released and his relationship to this particular money laundering operation, perhaps a few steps removed, will be reported by the MSM. We’ll see. But in the meantime, I still have questions.

1. What were two money launderers and a Malaysian fraud-whale doing hanging around the Obama White House?

2. How exactly did Obama buddies end up doing dirty business deals with a Republican Trump-supporter?

3. The timeline calls to me. It sounds FISA warrant-ish. The Malaysian 1MDB case may not fall into the counter espionage territory required for a spying operation but there came to be another matter involving alleged efforts by Broidy (money trail again leading to Jho through Pras), which involved a Chinese national, a case that clearly could qualify for potential FISA surveillance. The thing about FISA is the two hops rule. Once you get FISA clearance to spy on Jho, you get to collect everything from everyone Jho talks to (one hop); from there, you get to collect everything from everyone who talked to anyone who talked to Jho (two hops). You get phone calls and texts, e-mails, everything. With a guy like Broidy, who was then at the top of the Republican national party, a Jho FISA would gain surveillance on half the political sphere. Was there a secret FISA on Jho?

4. Is this case headed for spillage on Trump?

I bet MSM reporter Mike Levine will fill us in on number four, but will he ever tell us more my first three questions?

Money laundering basically means putting criminal money in and getting innocent-looking money out. It sounds complicated and is kind of intimidating when you work your way through government indictments. But it boils down to two basic tactics:

  1. Use conduits
  2. Obscure them

Now in the case of George, Pras the Rapper, the Malaysian whale and the influential Mr. Broidy, the charging details indicate they used a conduit, putting Pras in between the Malaysian whale and the influential Mr. Broidy. To make it extra tricky, Mr. Broidy allegedly had his wife’s business (she has a different last name) stand in for him to receive money from Pras the Rapper for “consulting,” said money originating from Jho Low the Malaysian. They obscured it, preventing the bank from seeing the shadiness of the conduit by having George from DOJ write a soothing and misleading letter to the bank vouching for the honesty of the multi-million-dollar foreign-originated transactions.

* * * *


DOJ: Bruce Orr, David Laufman, Rachel Brand, Trisha Beth Anderson, John Carlin, Peter Kadzik, Mary McCord, Matthew Axelrod, Preet Bharara, Sharon McGowan, Diana Flynn, Vanita Gupta, Joel McElvain, Sally Yates, Jeff Sessions

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