And so it begins …

Hello everybody.

I am about to unleash a can of whoop-ass on American patterns of corruption such that you have never seen before. For three years, I have been working on a project to document and quantify public corruption in the USA, analyzing literally thousands of indictments, indexing and developing a taxonomy as I go.

As you may know, I am best known for my investigative work on election fraud. I realized, after a time, that you can’t really understand election fraud unless you understand corruption, and you also need to understand money laundering to figure out how public officials hide the fact that they are cashing out.

You also don’t really wrap your head around election fraud unless you know where the payload is. Each public position has its own set of temptations and vulnerabilities. If you don’t know what kind of corrupt acts the assessor, the mayor, the county commissioner, the school board president, the public utilities director, the department of transportation administrator, the public housing director or the local volunteer fire department leader are most likely to try, you may not even realize what you’re looking at when you see it.

I have collected thousands of cases, reviewing original indictments, transcripts, and visiting and conducting interviews in the field. It was overwhelming, and shocking even to me (having spent a decade looking at shady elections). The only way to work our way through this is to break it into patterns and structures that we can tackle with targeted solutions. 

The nature of first-world corruption is different from what we hear about in developing nations. U.S corruption is more subtle, more lawyerly, and ultimately so powerful that we actually manage to increase third-world corruption.

And that’s the topic of this new web site.

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